Bodrum by foot

Within a short walk from the hotel there are some amazing sights.

Bodrum is best viewed slowly as you can take in the sounds, views and atmosphere of a town that was laid out over 2000 years ago. Was that stone in the wall from an ancient Greek temple or ....Although much has changed the narrow streets and intimate walled lanes take you back in time and when you have walked far enough then you are never far from a restaurant where you can stop for a refreshing cay (tea) or simply watch the world go by...

Within a short walk from the hotel there are some amazing sights. 

Street signs are generally not very good but we can provide you with a map and if you do get lost there is little hardship as either a cafe beckons or if you are really stuck a friendly cab driver will take you back to the Hotel.

If you look at the cottages closely when wandering in the narrow streets, you would see decorated stones, pieces and columns from the times of the Mausoleum, one of the 7 Wonders of the World ,the stones from which have been extensively used in local buildings.
Su Otel is right in the middle of many survived great historical sites built by Karians, Greeks, Romans and Crusaders.
Its central position gives you a great opportunity to visit to explore even on hot summer days. We have prepared a map to help you wander around by foot and it’s available at our front desk, for free.

Many civilizations left their mark on Bodrum. The glorious part for us is that we live amongst the historical texture and pattern of the ancient city of Bodrum. The town is one of the rare places that you can imagine being in an ancient city, which has changed but much still remains:

You even can see some of them in our courtyard. We have a wide range of archaeological artifacts - in some ways we are almost a museum ourselves. We are proud custodians of these remnants and we will happily give you a tour of them if you wish.

Herodotus, known as the Father of History was born here, Bodrum was then known as Halicarnassus, and he wrote his Histories here. He coined the phrase History - you can read his stories on the internet. Many of the places he referred to are in modern Turkey -you can read the stories that redo late through History such as the story of Darius the famous Persian and how Croesus became so rich.

The  Crusader Castle

Pride of Bodrum, the Castle was completed by the Crusaders with heavy additions in the 15th Century and survives in good condition today. Overlooking modern Bodrum, the castle now includes the first underwater archeology museum of the world and some wonderful cafes. The best views of Bodrum are from the top of the castle. The annual Ballet festival in late August and early September is a cultural highlight.

Antique Theatre (Amphetheatre)

Overlooking Bodrum, the Antique Roman Theatre is just a few hundred meters away from the hotel. At sunsets you’ll find a great view of Bodrum from there. Summer sees various arts, music and dance performances in the theatre.

The Myndos Gate

Alexander the Great conquered Bodrum after destroying seven mile long walls of the town. Named as Myndos Gate out of its western position and being on he road to Myndos (modern day Gumusluk), its excavation and restoration were completed fairly recently. The tombs, mosaics and other ruins are now interesting exhibitions.

A Bit Further:

The World famous antique cities of Ephesus, Pamukkale, Aphrodisias, Kaunos, Iasos, Labranda:

We can arrange special tours for individuals or groups with special vehicles (car or minivan) and driver, if you wish to visit them.