Bodrum in winter

Bodrum is not just for summer.


Very many people adore Bodrum in the winter time. The winter is particularly beautiful with a mild climate. Frosts are unknown and for much of the winter people sit outside and on the beach. It is a very peaceful time - laid back and cheerful as the people who have spent all summer entertaining others can let their hair down and enjoy each others company.

These are some things to do in winter:-

Camel wrestling is unique to Turkey and is simply an amazing site between December and early March. From the sound of the Turkish horns to the smell of the kebab salesmen and the villagers urging their beast to ever greater feats it is a unique experience.

Christmas is a time for celebration when there are street markets and local people sell their handcrafts. In the New Year there are parties, celebrations and fireworks to greet the change of year. Every day there are different markets in the villages and they are colourful and vibrant to which the locals flock. People really like to promenade along the seafront admiring each other and then adjourning for a restorative beer.

Exploring ancient cities is much more pleasant at this time of year in the mild climate with lots of wild flowers and lush vegetation - rather than the arid heat of summer. This is the time when the professional archaeologists are really busy and you might stumble on your own finds if you are really lucky!!

Fish in winter is particularly delicious. The very best fish is available and lots of locals use the restaurants. You really discover which are the best places to go because the ones that are busy in the winter are the very best restaurants frequented by people who really like to be there. During December to February Bodrum is famous for some tremendous sole fish - each one being more than a kilo, they are perfect for that romantic meal we all love to eat!

On the first weekend of every month there are ocean going yacht races organized by BAYK. This means that there are lots of Yacht owners in town who love to party!!!

The sea temperature only drops by 5C during the winter time, which means that scuba diving and water sports are still very enjoyable. The lower temperatures mean that the crystal clear waters are particularly conducive to seeing the development of the coral reefs and the wide variety of fish in the Aegean.

Denizciler Cafe is renown as a meeting place in the winter where all the locals assemble to swap stories - the more risque the better.

Or you can simply join us to pick up the mandarins, lemon and grapefruit from the gardens.