• The check-in time for our guests who will stay in our hotel is 15.00. Our rooms are sprayed with Anti-Virus and Anti-bacteria solution produced with Nano-technology named ‘Antimic’, which belongs to Sabancı group. This product does not contain alcohol and heavy metals and is permanent for up to one month.
  • Every check-in and check-out the rooms of our guests, will regularly be sprayed with this solution with the ULV spraying device, and not used for 24 hours and aired.
  • Body temperature of our guests entering our hotel will be measured by a device, and they will be asked whether they have been abroad or not, and their phone numbers and e-mail addresses will be recorded. This information will be kept securely during the stay and then will be destroyed.
  • Our guests will not be able to use the WC and pool shower in the common area, they will only be able to use WC in their rooms.
  • Our rooms laundry are carefully washed at 90 degrees with certified products by Degercan Dry cleaning Company, which has been serving in Bodrum for many years and has full hygiene certificates.
  • For the social distance application of our hotel in the garden, pool side and cafe-breakfast areas, have been created with 1.5-2 meters seating arrangement.
  • Our breakfast time is between 08.00-11.00. Buffet breakfast service is suspended. In the new seating arrangement and Continental breakfast (to be prepared in a personalized plate) service will be provided. Special requests that can be added to breakfast will be taken by order.
  • The sun loungers are arranged according to the room numbers and the cushions are aired for 30 minutes in the sun after each guest use and cleaned again with disinfectant solution.
  • In our rooms; disposable disinfectant spray, wet wipes, mask and disposable gloves will be available for our guests.

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